Hopetoun Tea Rooms

Hello Fellas!

Today I’m gonna posting about One of the Dessert and Tea Place in Melbourne called “Hopetoun Tea Rooms”

Located in 282 Collins Street, CBD, Melbourne (in Block Arcade).

I get there with my friend at 3 pm after lunch on Tuesday and we decided to have a try for the first time.

Once you find it and you will notice the long queue waiting to get in. The place was quite small and amazing with the old and heritage decoration and it’s really fascinating. I was interested and attracted to try the cakes that displayed through the windows. However, it’s not just normal cake but they have many variety of cakes such as chocolate, berry, vanilla taste etc.

Likewise, they have breakfast menu, lunch menu, refreshment, tea menu and the high tea menu (but by book /reservation).


Menu display
About the cakes, they don’t have the cakes menu and you have to choose and remember the cake that u want from the display window.

Cakes Display (1)

Cakes Display (2)

Attracting Display

Inside Looks

Details (Wallpaper, Pictures, and Lamp)
This place give the sense of rich and elegance followed by the old architecture (from the decorations, wallpaper, mirrors, ceiling, and even the lamps)



We ordered :

2 Different Tea –> Mademoiselle Grey (Earl Grey and Rose Petals) and Buddha’s Finger (Dark Rich Oolong with Peach Characteristics).

2 Different Cakes –> Summer Berry Mousse and Chocolate Marquise.

Madamoiselle Grey Tea and Summer Berry Mousse 

Buddha’s Finger Tea and Chocolate Marquise

Addition Picture

I enjoy the tea time in Tuesday!

The place was really busy, small and not cozy. The waitress were really nice and friendly but… they give the bills before we asked for, me n my friend be like “we have to leave now, it’s the sign for us to pay and leave”.

The cake is really delicious especially the cake that I tried (Summer Berry Mousse). It taste sweet but not too sweet, it taste sour but not to sour. In my mouth, it just taste amazing with the sweet and sour taste all mix together.

The tea, I don’t like it that much. I order Madamoissele Grey Tea and it taste bitter and it becomes more bitter and bitter in the last cup.

Overall, Nice place and Delicious Cake!

All the picture is took by Iphone 6 (Edited with Adobe Lightroom) 

p.s. Sorry for my bad english


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